Maria Cristina graduated from East15 Acting School in BA World Performance, a course aimed to shape 360° degrees theatre-makers. She loves devising, puppets, movement and eco-sustainability.

She travelled and studied in Russia, at the GITIS institute, to continue her training in Meyerhold and method acting; she also had the opportunity to train in Austria with the Ostrenkos’ brothers and in Bali where she deepened her practice of Michael Chekov, Butoh, puppeteering and rituals. She also performing with the ‘Shade Cartel’ at various music festivals. She recently took part in a Commedia dell’Arte show as Dottore in the outdoor performances of ‘La Confusione of Arlecchino’ around Woolwich.

She is a collaborative creator and storytelling is her passion: she will support a production in every way she has.


visuals 😉

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