was the day Maria Cristina discovered to be a director. It was out of the blue, it jumped on her and got stuck under her skin. She was movement director for The Greenhouse Theatre ’12’ and director of BRAVE FACE for Hoo Hah House Productions as well as devising director for LUX & devising AD for Haymarket: The Musical.

BRAVE FACE was her smash hit directorial debut at Edinburgh Fringe. The reviews are in and it was INCREDIBLE:

“Brave Face is by far the bravest and powerful production I have seen at the Fringe this year.”

★★★★★ Broadway Baby

“Well charged dialogue, dancing, enacting play with ever so careful plots to make sure we didn’t leave without an assured sense that someone cares and loves us, especially of this common circumstance. Well worth a visit out side he fringe as well, congrats, what a Brave Face, indeed.”

★★★★★ Mumble Theatre

Brave Face is possibly best described as reality disguised as black comedy. Classic gendered tropes are turned on their head, while the act of trying to dangerously one-up a man in order to avoid danger itself is an assault on the senses. We see one woman, yet it’s the weight of an entire culture on her shoulders, keeping emotions high and every nuanced detail in check through its inviting visuals.

★★★★★ The Indiependent

Her practice breaths in a universe full of movement, playfulness and humanity🌻

The actors cuddling the director on opening night 🥰
or freaking her out…

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